Rupert Dunbar-Rees – OBH Outcomes Platform

Rupert, a former GP, is the CEO and Founder of Outcomes Based Healthcare. OBH have developed a population health analytics platform that measures ‘true’ health outcomes that matter to people and populations, in near real time. OBH supports commissioners, providers, and health and care systems to organise care around these priorities, measuring the resulting health outcomes. The key focus for OBH is to shift measurement and reimbursement away from solely treating illness, towards improving people’s health.

OBH’s Outcomes Platform enables commissioners and providers to identify baselines for their selected outcomes, set improvement trajectories and monitor outcomes specific to their local populations on an on-going monthly basis.  Outcome sets, designed by OBH, typically measure both the presence of health and the avoidance of illness. By encouraging commissioners to pay providers based on improvements in patient outcomes, health systems are incentivised to combine new and existing care activities to keep patients well.

After working closely with several CCGs in North London, the West Midlands and the North West on a range of outcomes based projects for people with diabetes, serious mental illness and older people with frailty, OBH Outcomes Platform now features extensive outcomes sets for a range of different conditions, as well as population-based outcomes metrics. The service is used by commissioners across the country, and Rupert aims to have it implemented in health systems covering at least 10% of England’s population over the next year.

As a NIA Fellow, Rupert hopes to further scale OBH within the NHS by finding more feedback and testing opportunities, particularly in vanguard and STP communities. In addition, Rupert is looking forward to joining a community of innovators through the NIA, and supporting the entrepreneurship of other fellows.

Video pitch: Rupert Dunbar-Rees Elevator Pitch
Twitter: @rupsdr @OBH_UK