Simon Bourne – myCOPD

myCOPD is an integrated online education, self-management, symptom reporting and pulmonary rehabilitation system to help people with COPD manage their condition more effectively. It is available on any device that can connect the internet and delivers a personalised COPD management system by asking patients a few key questions about their condition.

Clinicians are provided with a dashboard, geographical population map view, education and patient management suite to allow them to monitor and manage their patients remotely. For example; analyse COPD exacerbations, tailor treatments and support. The platform is has shown to correct 98%of inhaler errors without any other clinical intervention, resulting in an improvement to quality of life.

myCOPD in the NIA

Working with the NIA, Simon hopes to secure uptake of myCOPD by least 11 CCGs during the year of the programme.

A number of CCGs are interested in implementing myCOPD for their patients and a few are in set up phase. North Lincolnshire have purchased licenses for 15% of their COPD population and a trust in Scotland has ordered myCOPD licenses for patients discharged from hospital.

Patient testimonial

“I have used myCOPD for nine months, I use it every day. Last year, before using myCOPD I had 12 exacerbations, this year I have had just two. I now know when and how to take my medication, when to use my rescue pack and perform my rehab exercises most days. I know far more about my COPD than before. I only got my rescue pack of antibiotics and steroids because I have been using this app; and I asked my doctor for them. I now call, and rely on my doctor far less than ever before.”

Innovator testimonial

The opportunity to work with the NIA team, leaders from NHS England and mentors has been invaluable. We have seen the huge difference this makes when approaching CCGs and clinicians to have our product endorsed to help deliver the commitments within the NHS Five Year Forward View.’’