Bereaved VOICES consultation

NHS England’s consultation report: feedback on the quality of end of life care

We have published our summary report on the Views Of Informal Carers’ Evaluation of Services – Short Form (VOICES-SF) survey public consultation.

The VOICES-SF survey is a national survey of bereaved people. This has been managed by NHS England since 2013. The survey methodology has remained unchanged for a number of years.

To make sure that the survey remains fit for purpose, we ran a public consultation between 27 March and 23 June 2015. The consultation was open to anyone with an interest in feedback on the quality of end of life care.

Download the full report, which summarises the consultation responses along prominent themes: Consultation Report: Feedback on the Quality of End of Life Care.

The consultation feedback shows that:

  • VOICES-SF survey data is most effective when used in combination with local sources of feedback and other data. Without local data to hand, however, respondents indicated that it was difficult to use the survey for service improvement.
  • The current sample size limits the use of VOICES-SF data at a local level. If findings could be reported at a more local level (the preference was for CCG-level data) then the survey would better support service improvement.
  • Respondents thought that asking for views from a range of people, as opposed to just the bereaved, would broaden the perspective on end of life care. This included asking the person being cared for as well as under 18s.
    • Further to this, respondents also thought that the experiences of the carer/relative/friend should be taken into account, instead of focusing exclusively on the treatment given to the patient.
  • The respondents thought that the time lapse between the point of care and the publication of results has an impact on how useful VOICES-SF data is. They would prefer to shorten this gap if possible.

In light of these findings, we have commissioned an options appraisal. This will explore how capturing feedback on End of Life care can be improved by seeking to act upon the consultation responses.

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The statistical data publication for the 2015 survey will be published on 22 April 2016.