Acute care collaboration vanguards

There are 13 acute care collaboration vanguards linking local hospitals together to improve their clinical and financial viability, reducing variation in care and efficiency.

The vanguards were selected following a rigorous process, involving workshops and the engagement of key partners and patient representative groups.

  1. Salford and Wigan Foundation Chain
  2. Northumbria Foundation Group
  3. Royal Free London
  4. Foundation Healthcare Group (Dartford and Gravesham)
  5. Moorfields
  6. National Orthopaedic Alliance
  7. The Neuro Network (The Walton Centre, Liverpool)
  8. MERIT (Mental Health Alliance for Excellence, Resilience, Innovation and Training) (West Midlands)
  9. Cheshire and Merseyside Women’s and Children Services
  10. Accountable Cancer Network (ACN)
  11. East Midlands Radiology Consortium (EMRAD)
  12. Developing One NHS in Dorset
  13. Working Together Partnership (South Yorkshire, Mid Yorkshire, North Derbyshire)

Presentation video

These are the presentations from each of the vanguards explaining their care model.