Multispecialty community provider vanguards

There are 14 multispecialty community provider vanguards moving specialist care out of hospitals into the community.

These vanguards were selected following a rigorous process, involving workshops and the engagement of key partners and patient representative groups.

  1. Calderdale Health and Social Care Economy
  2. Wellbeing Erewash
  3. Fylde Coast Local Health Economy
  4. The Connected Care Partnership (Sandwell and West Birmingham)
  5. West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Ltd
  6. All together better Sunderland
  7. Dudley Multispecialty Community Provider
  8. Encompass (Whitstable, Faversham, Canterbury, Ash and Sandwich)
  9. Stockport Together
  10. Tower Hamlets Together
  11. Better Local Care (Hampshire)
  12. West Cheshire Way
  13. Lakeside Healthcare (Northamptonshire)
  14. Principia Partners in Health (Southern Nottinghamshire)

Multispecialty community provider framework

The multispecialty community provider emerging care model and contract framework document, published July 2016, describes what being an MCP means, based on assembling the core features from the 14 MCP vanguards into a common framework.

Presentation video

These are the presentations from each of the vanguards explaining their care model.