‘How to’ Guide: The BCF Technical Toolkit

The ‘how to’ guide comprises an overview document and four chapters that provide advice and tips for completing the technical sections of the BCF planning templates. They were developed in response to questions and support requests from Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBBs) developing their BCF submission, and are intended to complement the national and regional support offers including webinars and clinics.

You can view or download the documents here:

In the course of reviewing plans with HWBB we received a number of questions about how to apply suggestions from the “how to guide” in the plan submissions. To support this, we have developed a set of example charts for people to use to clearly present key aspects of their plan.

These charts may be helpful for people to either incorporate in their plans or use to support development of those plans with partners. are making these charts available to HWBB to make use of if they wish.