Retrospective case record review


To improve the quality of NHS healthcare through the engagement of clinicians and staff in a single, consistent and robust process of retrospective case record review (RCRR) to generate local learning for improvement.


While most NHS hospitals in England undertake some form of mortality review, there is considerable variation in terms of methodology, scope, data capture and analysis, and contribution to improvement and learning. By establishing a consistent and rigorous  process of RCRR, NHS England aims to improve the quality of care by helping hospitals  to identify and learn from problems in health care that are thought to contribute to patient death and harm.

Latest news

  • NHS England contracted with Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) to manage procurement of a standardised methodology and its roll out to NHS trusts in England, and establish an Independent Advisory Group.
  • HQIP (with NCEPOD) have consulted with NHS mortality review pioneers and other experts over the last six months to develop a programme specification, which will be used to support procurement.
  • Suppliers are expected to be in place by December 2015, with a pilot programme expected to start in Q1 2016/17.
  • While we cannot prejudge the outcome of the procurement process, it is probable that the methodology developed will combine the most useful elements of current, varied practice in the English NHS, and possibly other jurisdictions.