Dental care and oral health – call to action

Improving dental care and oral health – a call to action

In the summer of 2013 NHS England published “The NHS belongs to the people – a call to action” which set out the challenges that the NHS faces in continuing to secure and improve high quality services in the face of demographic pressures and rising public expectations against a backdrop of financial constraint.

We now want to stimulate the debate around NHS dental services. Our overall aims are to improve the oral health of the population, increase access to NHS dental services and reduce financial inefficiencies.

This process of engagement has the support of our national partners including the British Dental Association. There is widespread agreement that change must happen in the interests of improving patient care.

What you should read

We have published a slide pack that sets out the “case for change” to the way that NHS dental services are commissioned and delivered, with supporting information:

See NHS England’s news release announcing the call to action and a blog from NHS England’s Chief Dental Officer, Barry Cockcroft.

How you can take part

It is important to have your say by 16 May 2014 and you can give us your views in the following ways:

  • The online survey 
  • Email:
  • Writing to: Martin Smith, Senior Programme Manager, Primary Care Strategies, Commissioning Development, Room 4E56 Quarry House, Leeds, LS2 7UE

We do not want to limit the debate so you should feel free to tell us anything that you think would be helpful in making NHS dental services even better.


More than 200 people attended a special NHS England Call to Action event in London on 7th April 2014 aimed at further shaping the future of dental care and oral health services. A summary of the event can be on the Call to Action event page.

Improving Dental Care and Oral Health – A Call To Action – National stakeholder event summary report