Pharmacy call to action

Improving care through community pharmacy – a call to action

Community pharmacy is recognised as a key, frontline health service that can and does provide healthcare and advice as an effective alternative to many over-subscribed primary care services in their communities, particularly those of local GP practices. In addition to this they add value as an important triage to emergency services.

Our aim is to enable community pharmacy to play an even stronger role at the heart of more integrated out-of-hospital services that support better health outcomes for patients, provide more personalised care, deliver excellent patient experience, optimise the use of medicines and secure the most efficient possible use of NHS resources.  This work forms part of the wider Call to Action that NHS England launched in July 2013.

The main purpose of this Community Pharmacy Call to Action is to stimulate debate in local communities, with everyone who works with community pharmacy, to find out the best way to develop our integral service.

We will ask a number of questions about how NHS England can best support these local changes, for instance through the way that we develop the national contractual framework.

We will also work closely with a range of national partners, including Department of Health, patient groups, professional organisations and pharmacy educators, to develop our strategic approach to commissioning of community pharmacy services.

In the slide and resources pack is a lot more information and 4 key questions around:

  • creating a ‘pharmacy first’ culture
  • ensuring patients get the best from their medicines
  • integrating community pharmacy into the patient pathway
  • Increasing safety of dispensing

Please take a look at the slides and resource pack and let us know your thoughts and ideas by responding to our short online feedback questionnaire by 18 March, 2014  or:

if you want to talk to someone in NHS England you can contact your area team and ask to speak to the community pharmacy lead.  You can find contact details here – just click on the map for your area.

Watch Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Clare Howard’s interview answering key questions on the Call to Action with the National Pharmacy Association (NPA).