Action for Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing problem and is a good example of why we need new thinking about how to provide integrated services in the NHS in the future.

Action for Diabetes has been produced in response to the Public Accounts Committee report on adult diabetes services published in 2012. It is for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) as a reference on the work that is going on across NHS England, and for the wider community interested in diabetes care to see what action NHS England is taking in this important area.  It sets out the action that NHS England is taking now to improve outcomes for people with and at risk of diabetes – in both of its roles, as a direct commissioner and a support to the commissioning system.

The document describes the action we are taking and will take in our role as a direct commissioner of services to:

  • Drive the prevention of Type 2 diabetes and earlier diagnosis of all diabetes
  • Support better management of diabetes in primary care

It also describes what we are doing and will do in providing leadership and support to CCGs as commissioners of secondary and community services to deliver high-quality care, as defined by NICE, to people with and at risk of diabetes.  In this regard, we will:

  • Provide tools and resources to support commissioners in driving quality improvement
  • Ensure robust and transparent outcomes information, and aligned levers and incentives to facilitate delivery of integrated care across provider institutional boundaries
  • Empower patients with information to support their choices about their own health and care and support the development of IT solutions that allow sharing of information between providers and between providers and people with diabetes
  • Look to the future of the NHS to deliver continued improved outcomes for people with or at risk of diabetes

Download the printable PDF version of Action for Diabetes.