Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People

The Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People (LACDP) has published a new approach to caring for people in the last few days and hours of life, that focuses on the needs and wishes of the dying person and those closest to them, in both the planning and delivery of care wherever that may be.

The approach, which is outlined in One Chance to Get it Right has been developed by the 21 members of the LACDP  and  is based on five new Priorities for Care that will be the touchstone for every point of care for those in the last days and hours of life and their families – from frontline health and care staff to commissioners and regulators.

The Five new Priorities for Care are:

  1. The possibility that a person may die within the coming days and hours is recognised and communicated clearly, decisions about care are made in accordance with the person’s needs and wishes, and these are reviewed and revised regularly.
  2. Sensitive communication takes place between staff and the person who is dying and  those important to them.
  3. The dying person, and those identified as important to them, are involved in decisions about treatment and care.
  4. The people important to the dying person are listened to and their needs are respected.
  5. Care is tailored to the individual and delivered with compassion – with an individual care plan in place

The Alliance’s five Priorities for Care puts people and their families at the centre of decisions about their treatment and care, and follows the recommendation made by the independent Neuberger review of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) that the LCP be phased out by 14 July 2014.  View the More Care, Less Pathway document.

Next steps

The publication of One Chance to Get it Right concludes the formal work of  the Leadership Alliance in responding to the recommendations in the Neuberger report.  Each Leadership Alliance member is now progressing their organisation’s published commitments.

More information

One Chance to Get it Right, the Commitment Statements of each Alliance member, a summary of engagement activities that helped to inform the final approach of the Alliance, are all available on GOV.UK with additional information for healthcare professionals on NHS IQ’s website, including:

  • Duties and Responsibilities for Heath and Care Staff (Annex D in One Chance to Get it Right) and,
  • Implementation Guidance for service providers and commissioners (Annex E in One Chance to Get it Right).

See Announcements on GOV.UK for the press release.

Prior to publishing Once Chance to Get it Right, the LACDP published two interim statements on its work which are below: