Children Safeguarding Network

The National Network of Designated Healthcare Professionals for Safeguarding Children (NNDHP) brings together all the child safeguarding, children looked after and CDOP designated professionals into one NHS network.

The purpose of the network is to give a national voice to the local safeguarding advice which collectively amounts to national concern. The primary purpose of the network naturally is to help children.  The network does this by supporting NHS England and other external agencies, at regional and national level, and currently works in partnership with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the NSPCC.

Achievements over the last year

The network has held its second national conference and formally elected a full committee as well as commissioning the services of a National Co-ordinator.  We have been led to understand that simply forming a focus for national ideas is enabling our colleagues to have a greater influence on local decision making but we are too young at the moment to have established performance indicators that demonstrate an impact on the wellbeing of children.

Future plans

Future plans include the confirmation of a series of priorities which are already being debated and the development of strategic points of view of National significance.  It is expected that much of the work will be conducted by remote conversations using webinars but we will retain an annual conference believing as we do that face to face networking and relationship maintenance is pivotal to the success of all parts of child safeguarding.