Child Protection Information Sharing Project

The Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS) programme is an NHS England sponsored nationwide initiative that helps clinicians in unscheduled care settings identify vulnerable children.

Data relating to children (including unborn children) with a Child Protection Plan (CPP), or with Looked After Status (LAS) is securely transmitted to and stored in CP-IS on the NHS Spine and is presented as a flag indicating the patient is a vulnerable child.

By sharing data across regional boundaries, CP-IS helps health and care professionals build a complete picture of a child’s visits to unscheduled care settings, supporting early detection and intervention in cases of potential or actual abuse.

To date, data relating to almost 12,000 children with protection plans have been uploaded to CP-IS. By April 2016, it is anticipated almost 70 local authorities will have implemented and, by the end of 2018, 80% of NHS providers will have adopted CP-IS.

Via our regional safeguarding leads, we are working in partnership with local authorities and NHS unscheduled care providers and clinicians to ensure health and care professionals can access CP-IS and improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children.

More information is available by emailing the CP-IS team.

“Linking of information is key and anything that underpins that is going to make a difference and help make children safer…CP-IS is vital for joining up disparate pieces of information and helping to build a complete picture.”
David Tucker, Head of Policy, NSPCC.

Child Protection Information Sharing project

Letter to the Independent Chairs of the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) requesting the CP-IS project is highlighted throughout their networks.

The aim of the project is that where a child is subject to a CPP, a LAC, or a mother of an unborn child on a pre-birth protection plan attends an unscheduled health care setting the CP-IS alert is visible, and a notification is sent to the child’s social worker within the Local Authority that the child originates from. This enables an open dialogue earlier between: parents/carers, children’s social care and health leading to an earlier intervention (where needed) for the most vulnerable children and young people.

Guidance for Designated Professionals Safeguarding Children and Child Protection-Information Sharing (NHS England December, 2016)

Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS) is included in the NHS Standard Contract 2017/19 and this guidance offers support to the Designated Professional Safeguarding Children system leadership (see below).  The Designated Professionals Safeguarding Children role is as professional advisors and strategic leaders for safeguarding.

“The Provider must co-operate fully and liaise appropriately with third party providers of social care services in relation to, and must itself take all reasonable steps towards, the implementation of the Child Protection Information Sharing Project.”(NHS Standard Contract, 2017/19, SC32.8 page 35)