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In line with COVID-19 Control of Patient Information (COPI) notices, issued by the Secretary of State for Health and Care, all data held in the NHS COVID-19 Data Store always remains under the control of the NHS and is being processed in accordance with the law. A Data Protection Impact Assessment has been published here and our Privacy Notice explains what this means for patients.

A single triage system will consider requests for access to health and care data held by NHS England and Improvement, NHS Digital or Public Health England in order to support the COVID-19 response. You will need to demonstrate an involvement in the COVID-19 response to be approved for access to data. Examples of reasons for access are detailed in the General COPI Notice.

Each application for access to data will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This will include:

  • The purpose – which must be for COVID-19 purposes
  • The type and amount of data requested – any request for data will need to be justified e.g. if requesting record level data, you will need to explain why
  • Transparency – how you are being transparent about the data requested for COVID-19
  • Legal Basis – the legal basis which supports the applicant to process the data

If you are requesting access to confidential patient information you should also ensure that you have ethical approval from the Health Research Authority. The triage service will also work with the relevant organisations e.g. NHS Digital and Public Health England to process the request

If you require access to locally held data (e.g. medical records for the identification of potential participants) and you require access to confidential patient information you should contact the Health Research Authority directly rather than the triage service. There is a single triage system to request access to health and care data in order to support the COVID-19 response:

Before submitting an application form, please read the advice for applicants and step-by-step guides. If you have any outstanding questions or concerns, please use the single triage service email address:

Advice for applicants

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