The Data and Services Panel and Sub-groups

The Data and Services Panel

NHS commissioning organisations need good information in order to secure high quality care for their populations.

In order to meet the information needs of commissioners, NHS England’s principal partner is NHS Digital, which undertakes a number of critical functions for NHS England and the wider NHS and social care system.

These roles include:

  • providing information to support better care through the delivery of high quality data collection, analysis and storage services;
  • delivery of national technology programmes and services;
  • protection of information by ensuring that services are underpinned by effective information governance standards, and;
  • working in partnership with the National Information Board and its constituent members to provide leadership across the wider informatics agenda.

To improve the quality of the relationships between NHS England, the Health and Social Care Information Centre, and other partners, a new governance structure has been established. This structure consists of a Data and Services Panel (DSP) and two sub-groups: the Data Coordination Group (DCG) and the Services Coordination Group (SCG).

Data and Services Panel

The Data and Services Panel has responsibility for agreeing and communicating NHS England’s priorities in terms of the work it commissions from NHS Digital, resolving any strategic delivery issues with NHS Digital, and overseeing the issuing of legal directions to NHS Digital for the collection of information.   They can be contacted at

Data Coordination Group

The Data Coordination Group receives requests from across NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) to create amend or discontinue an information standard or a collection of data (including automated extractions). The Data Coordination Group acts as the coordinating body for receiving requests from across the whole commissioning system (including NHS England, CCGs and CSUs).

Submissions to create, amend or discontinue an information standard or data collection can be made to the Data Coordination Group via the submission form. The controlled version of this document is maintained by NHS England’s Data Coordination Group (DGC) (currently V1.2). Any copies of this document held outside of that area, in whatever format (e.g. paper, email attachment), are considered to have passed out of control and should be checked for currency and validity. The Information Standards team within NHS England supports the Data Coordination Group, and are available to provide advice on the process. They can be contacted at

The Group also supports the Data and Services Panel by identifying where a prioritisation decision is needed, and it makes recommendations to the Panel on the issuing of legal directions from NHS England to NHS Digital.

Services Coordination Group

The Services Coordination Group supports NHS England’s Account Director in our relationship with NHS Digital. The Services Coordination Group provides an environment in which NHS England and NHS Digital representatives can identify opportunities to improve the service that NHS Digital provides. It is, in addition, an escalation point for programme or service issues that have not been possible to resolve at an operational or local level.  The Services Coordination Group in turn will escalate any unresolved issues to the Data and Services Panel.

The Group also supports the formalisation of business between NHS England and NHS Digital through the development of work package schedules under the Provision of Services Agreement (POSA).  They can be contacted at