Information governance consultations

The IG Transition team welcomes comments from stakeholders on the information governance issues that affect them, and as required will publish Consultation and other papers that will appear on the dashboard below.

Comments should be sent by electronic submission using the appropriate links in the Subjects column below.

As part of our consultation process, it is our intention to publish feedback and a Best Practice guide where these would be useful. We may publish consultation responses, in whole or in part, unless the respondent requests otherwise.(Responses will normally be anonymised, however).

  • CP=Consultation Paper
  • FP=Feedback Paper
  • BP=Best Practice guide
Subject Status CP Consultation Close date FP Best practice guide
Priority Issues for Information Governance CP-01 CP-01 Closed 30 April 2014
Privacy impact assessment – Risk Stratification CP-02 CP-02 Closed 30 April 2014

Protecting health and care information: Department of Health consultation on proposals to introduce new regulations