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St Helens Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Review of the gastrointestinal pathway with a focus on upper and lower endoscopy pathways RightCare works with local health systems to identify innovative practice and share learning. Information briefs are a way of communicating early views of emerging practice. They are designed to raise interest and demonstrate good practice in the development of transformative change […]

NHS RightCare

NHS RightCare What is NHS RightCare? NHS RightCare Workstreams NHS RightCare Intelligence products Cardiovascular disease Respiratory High Intensity Use Programme You may also be interested in Contact NHS RightCare Useful links News and blogs NHS RightCare community rehabilitation toolkit 12 March 2020 News NHS RightCare Community rehabilitation services are uncoordinated and inconsistent, supporting data to […]


One of the ways we are sharing best practice is through local examples of commissioning innovations which show the philosophy behind NHS RightCare or showcases the tools available through the programme. You can take a look at these examples in our casebooks: Cumbria’s new persistent physical symptom management service – improving value for patients, the […]

‘Where to look’ packs – September 2019

Where to Look packs with 2017/18 data are now available to share. The packs cover the main NHS programme budgeting categories including cardiovascular disease, respiratory, mental health and cancer and are personalised for each clinical commissioning group (CCG) and Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP). As most health conditions are linked to demographic factors such as […]

Janet’s story explores how a frailty care pathway could be so much better

The RightCare frailty scenario, Janet’s story, has been updated. Janet’s story uses a fictional person to examine a frailty care pathway, comparing a sub-optimal experience against an ideal, optimal pathway. The scenario considers the impact on the person, their family’s experience and the costs associated with care. This RightCare scenario supports the delivery of the […]

Reducing the environmental impact of equipment, medicines and resources

Where you can make a positive impact towards net zero AHPs and their teams should reduce the environmental impact of equipment and resources by: Considering the ‘5 Rs’ questions, in order of priority, when selecting equipment for equipment contract catalogues: ’Reduce, Reuse, Reprocessed, Renewable, Recycle’ Where possible, actively involving themselves in the tendering for equipment […]