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New campaign encourages teens to get the Meningitis C vaccine boosterThis link opens in a new tab

A vaccination campaign gets under way across schools in Medway this term to encourage teenagers to get the Meningitis C vaccine booster and so strengthen their defences against this dangerous infection that can cause meningitis. The Meningitis C vaccine is now routinely given to babies at three months to provide sufficient protection until a booster […]

Diabetes Week: #TheBigPicture in technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into sharper focus some areas where the NHS needs to improve; including better care or access for those of lower socioeconomic groups and those from the BAME population. However, it has also highlighted how quickly we can harness the power of digital technology when we absolutely have to. For the […]

Lifesaving hepatitis C treatment for children on the NHS

Children in England are set to be the first in the world to be offered a cure for hepatitis C, as part of NHS plans to eradicate the disease entirely. More than 100 children have been identified for treatment, with hundreds more set to benefit in the coming months and years. Those aged 3 to […]