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Taking forward action for the millions with hearing loss

Following a speech at the Ear Foundation, Deputy CSO Fiona Carragher highlights the achievements of the Action Plan for Hearing Loss, and reflects on the importance of coordinated action to ensure high quality care for all. Everybody appreciates the importance of hearing as one of our five basic senses which connect us with the world […]

CSO programmes

Emerging science and innovation Genomics As the Senior Responsible Officer for Genomics, the Chief Scientific Officer works with Genomics England, which was set up to deliver the 100,000 Genomes Project, , with the consent of participants and the support of the public, is creating a lasting legacy for patients, the NHS and the UK economy, […]

New National Commissioning Framework for Hearing Loss Services launched

A new guide to help organisations responsible for planning and commissioning local hearing services for deaf people and those with diminishing hearing is launched by NHS England today (19 July). The Commissioning Services for People with Hearing Loss – a Framework for Clinical Commissioning Groups, will be presented by the Chief Scientific Officer for England, […]

Keeping your ear to the ground on dementia

NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Dementia and the Chief Executive of Action on Hearing Loss examine the latest research linking dementia with deafness:  There is a lot of interest at the moment on prevention – also known as risk reduction – of dementia. The prestigious Lancet Commission reported in July 2017, drawing together a […]

Notes on meeting the cost of meeting individuals’ needs

The following notes have been prepared in response to queries about the cost of meeting individuals’ information and communication needs as part of implementation of SCCI1605 Accessible Information – referred to as ‘the Accessible Information Standard’ or ‘the Standard’. It is intended to support organisations to recognise the benefits associated with the Standard, as well […]

NHS England to fund pioneering new brain surgery for children who are deaf

Pioneering brain surgery that allows children who are deaf to experience the sensation of hearing for the first time is being made routinely available, NHS England announced today. Two highly specialist teams at hospitals in Manchester and London will perform Auditory Brainstem Implants (ABIs) surgery for children who are deaf across the country. The surgery […]