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Public Health GP BulletinThis link opens in a new tab

On Friday 11th September 2020, the Integrated Public Health Team takes over responsibility from the Primary Care Team for collating and issuing a rebranded, weekly Public Health GP Bulletin. The new bulletin will have an extended distribution covering the whole of the South West, bringing all public health communications in to one place. Previous editions […]

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Why is commissioning support a priority? How can the LPF help me with the savings I need to make to my running costs? What are volume based discounts? How will they work in practice? Why can’t we extend our service level agreement (SLA) with our CSU past April 2016? What would happen if we did? […]

NHS England launches biggest upgrade to NHS cancer treatment in 15 years

£130 million fund to modernise radiotherapy care across England. NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens has today (Tuesday) announced a £130m investment to kickstart the upgrade of radiotherapy equipment and transform cancer treatment across England. Around 4 in 10 of all NHS cancer patients are treated with radiotherapy, which typically uses high-energy radiation from a […]


NHS Identity Guidelines The NHS Identity is one of the most cherished and recognised brands in the world.  When applied correctly and consistently, it evokes exceptionally high levels of trust and reassurance.  All users of the NHS Identity have a responsibility to protect it and ensure we achieve the national standard that our patients expect […]