NHS Citizen

NHS Citizen is a new approach to how NHS England gives citizens a voice and enables them to influence our work. To date it has involved online and offline conversations and over 4000 have contributed to discussions about the work of NHS England.

We’re proud of what NHS Citizen has achieved so far:

  • A co-produced programme design.
  • A citizen’s assembly that gave people the opportunity to voice ideas and opinions to NHS England’s Board.
  • A voice to thousands of citizens.

However, there are aspects of the programme that we know could be improved.

NHS England is now looking towards the next steps for NHS Citizen and considering how we ensure that it is thoroughly embedded in our decision making processes, and in our wider patient and public participation work. We held a workshop in September 2016 to discuss the the future of NHS Citizen. You can see the event webcast on the NHS Citizen Youtube channel.

Updates on the programme with feature in our In Touch bulletin. Please sign up to receive it if you would like to receive more information about NHS Citizen.