CCG Choice Planning and Improvement Guide

To help achieve NHS England’s commitment to make good on the NHS’ longstanding promise to give patients choice over where and how they receive care, NHS England and NHS Improvement have developed a CCG Choice Planning and Improvement Guide, originally published in August 2016 and updated in January 2017 to enable you to edit the self-assessment section.

This guide draws together the minimum legal and contractual responsibilities Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) need to meet, but will also enable CCGs to assess how well choice is working in the services they commission, for both physical and mental health, within their localities and decide where improvement is required.

The guide focuses on helping commissioners, move beyond the minimum legal and requirements of patient choice to make “meaningful choice” a reality for their patients.

The guide should support CCGs in the development of their five-year Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) that will enable Local Health Economies to plan and work together to achieve better health outcomes. (NHS Planning Guidance 2016-17 to 2020-21)

During 2016-17, NHS England and NHS Improvement will provide further, practical support to help with implementation of the guide and to help CCGs address any areas where a need for improvement is identified.  This support started in September 2016, when a series of WebEx sessions were held with the national team. Keep an eye on the NHS England events page for future sessions.

For further information, help or guidance, please email the patient choice mailbox.