Patient choice – resources and materials

NHS England has produced a number of materials and resources to help CCGs and GPs to encourage patient choice.

These are all available to download below. They can be printed locally or sent to an external designer for professional production, and can also be used digitally on GP or CCG websites.

Digital screen promotionAn image designed to be displayed on screens in waiting areas and surgeries

These images have been designed to display on screens in waiting areas and surgeries. For organisations using Med-Extranet, they are available to download now.

Signature strip

The January 2017 version of Securing meaningful choice for patients: the CCG planning and improvement guide is also available to download, with a recently added editable section for CCGs to use for self-assessment.

Patient choice presentations

GP/referrer slides

These slides have been produced to support CCGs to deliver choice training sessions to GPs and referrers to encourage meaningful choice conversations between the patient and the GP/referrer or member of the practice responsible for using the NHS e-Referral Service. This is designed to support improvements in the offer and uptake of choice to ensure that the patient can choose where to go for their first outpatient appointment based on their needs and preferences.

Patient engagement slides

These slides have been produced to support CCGs to deliver choice awareness raising sessions to their patients at patient engagement events. They are designed to raise patients’ awareness of their legal right to choice when choosing where to go for their care and treatment, signpost to more information and encourage them to ask about the choices available to them.

Both available on request – please emailĀ

Patient choice myth buster

This is an interactive tool to dispel some of the myths about patient choice. It is aimed at patients to help them understand what choices are available to them in the NHS and where they can find more information to help them choose where to go for their care and treatment.

If you have any questions about these resources, or require the original InDesign files, please contact