PSIMS-compliant Local Risk Management System (LRMS) suppliers

From Spring 2021, a new national Patient Safety Incident Management System (PSIMS) will enter its public beta stage. The new system will be phased in to replace the current National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS).

Healthcare providers that record patient safety incidents on Local Risk Management System (LRMS) software will need to assure themselves that their software suppliers are using, or have a plan to move to, PSIMS-compatible products, so they are able to:

  • Connect with PSIMS to record and share details of patient safety events with the national NHS system, and access learning to support safety improvement.
  • Continue to fulfil their obligations to report certain notifiable incidents to the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which in many organisations is routinely fulfilled by reporting to the national patient safety team.
  • Maintain their ability to share certain patient safety events with other national organisations with a remit for safety, including MHRA and PHE, to reduce the need for duplicate reporting.

If you are procuring or re-procuring for LRMS software within a healthcare provider organisation, and wish to benefit from the PSIMS service and the data-sharing capabilities it offers, you are advised to  ensure that your chosen vendor offers PSIMS-compliant products.

To support you to do this, vendors of LRMS software, that have passed PSIMS compliance testing, are listed below:

  • RLDatix (compliance assessment passed on 13/04/21 for Datix Cloud IQ software).
  • Smartgate Solutions Ltd (trading as Radar Healthcare) (compliance assessment passed on 05/02/21 for Radar Healthcare software).

The above list will be updated as further vendors pass PSIMS compliance testing.

NHS England and NHS Improvement is assisting healthcare providers with their ability to provide patient safety information to us, and to other national organisations with a remit for safety including CQC, MHRA, PHE etc, through PSIMS. NHS England and NHS Improvement is not acting on behalf of healthcare providers in relation to services provided to them under current contracts with vendors of LRMS software or future procurements of such services. Healthcare providers should adhere to the procurement rules and their own policies when procuring these services. All vendors we are aware are of operating in this market have been notified of the requirements for compliance and the process for undertaking an assessment. The same will apply in relation to any new market entrants of which NHS England and NHS Improvement become aware from time to time.

If you are a vendor of LRMS software and would like details on compliance testing, please email