EU Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care

The EU Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ) brings together health authorities of the EU member states, representatives of the European medical community (including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and managers of healthcare organizations), patient associations, international organisations and the European Commission. NHS England, the Department of Health, and NHS Institute represent the UK for improvement and innovation.

These partners have developed the detailed plans of the different work packages, a glossary of terms and conceptual framework and draft questionnaires, which were used to gather information.

Over the three years of the project, PaSQ with structure the exchange of existing knowledge, experiences and expertise relevant to patient safety, quality of healthcare and patient involvement. It will further establish common principles at EU level, provide support to those countries less advanced in the field and promote the involvement of stakeholders by supporting the establishment of dedicated national platforms.

The project will map and identify good practices in patient safety and quality of care across the EU and implement good practices in select member states, according to the agreed criteria such as evidence base and transferability. It will reflect on principles of good-quality healthcare, including how to facilitate the exchange of good practices on patient involvement in safety and quality of healthcare. The main outcome will be the consolidation of the permanent network for patient safety, aiming for future sustainability.

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