Patient safety expert groups and steering group

NHS England recognises the value of working in collaboration with royal colleges and other professional and patient associations to improve patient safety. The patient safety expert groups have been established by NHS England to collaboratively improve the culture and safety of patients in NHS funded care through the provision of senior clinical advice to the commissioning system, supporting NHS England’s priorities in patient safety and leading on the development and dissemination of advice and guidance for both commissioners and providers.

The patient safety expert groups have a core multi-professional membership which includes representation from relevant colleges and associations in England, patient and carer groups, NHS England and CCGs.  Wider membership for individual groups includes relevant organisations in a position to promote learning and provide data on patient safety priorities.

The existing patient safety expert groups are:

Each group reports to the NHS England Patient Safety Steering Group which has the remit to both raise the safety boards’ awareness of NHS England’s  priorities in patient safety and to consider and approve, as appropriate, the priorities identified by the boards.