As a specialist group of pharmacists much of our work both in local practice and within the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) focusses on ensuring safe prescribing.  Anticoagulants are one of the group of medicines highlighted as causing most harm if not used appropriately. We support practitioners to use the right anticoagulant for the right indication for the right duration, ensuring that the patient is both knowledgeable about the anticoagulant and has been involved and supported in the decision making process.

Mission statement

With our valued partners we will strive to ensure the delivery of the best possible care in the field of Haemostasis, Thrombosis and Anticoagulation (HAT) to patients in the UK. This will be achieved by supporting pharmacists with exemplary training and education to match their needs and access to research and development opportunities to build evidence based practice. Realisation of this will depend on skill and expertise of the HAT committee and their members in driving this agenda forward.

HAT committee

  • Sharron Gordon
  • Frances Akor
  • Barbara Clark
  • Daniel Buck
  • Helen Williams
  • Katherine Stirling
  • Lynne Garforth
  • Rebecca Chanda
  • Robin Offord
  • Rosalind Byrne
  • Satinder Bhandal

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