Consultation on 2021/22 national tariff

About the statutory consultation

The statutory consultation on the 2021/22 national tariff closed on 30 April 2021. Please note, the consultation period was extended after errors were identified in the initially published prices, meaning that revised prices were published on 1 April 2021.

Our principal proposals for the 2021/22 tariff are to:

  • introduce an aligned payment and incentive approach, comprising fixed and variable elements, for almost all services in scope of the tariff
  • limit national prices to unbundled diagnostic imaging services (ie diagnostic imaging not part of an inpatient spell), with all other prices calculated and published as unit prices
  • set national prices and unit prices by rolling over price relativities from 2020/21, updating the prices for efficiency and inflation
  • transfer CQUIN funding into the tariff.

The publication of the consultation does not mean we have a target date for the tariff to come into effect (subject to the result of the consultation). We are running the consultation now so that the tariff could be published later in 2021/22 when it is decided to end the measures put in place to deal with the effect of Covid-19 on the NHS.

Consultation documents, annexes and supporting documents

Read the consultation notice, annexes and supporting documents.

Views on future work

In addition to the consultation on the 2021/22 tariff, we are keen to understand stakeholder views on the future work of the Pricing and Costing team and how we can create the greatest value for the health system and ICSs. This short survey asks about this in more detail. We welcome your views.

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