Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex

In the first year of the project, Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), with Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG (CHMS) have focused on building local relationships and focussed on developing a plan to review local contracts in order to sustainably offer personal health budgets for end of life care outside of Continuing Healthcare.

Alongside developing a project and implementation plan to test a new marketplace for personalised advance care planning, the project aims to develop a business case for new funding models to make personalised commissioning possible, once a return on investment (ROI) analysis has been completed.

By creating a more, targeted personalised approach, this work aims to improve the transition between local teams managing complex, long term conditions and services providing designated end of life care.

Led by the CCG, the project has partnered with the local community provider trust, two voluntary organisations and engaged with local hospitals and hospices to develop seamless pathways for personalised end of life care.

A six-step process has been created to build an end of life dataset, which can be used by professionals in other areas to demonstrate potential return on investment and contribute to the case for change for increased personalisation of local commissioning arrangements and support local people to have greater choice and control, including through personal health budgets.

So far the systematic approach… really does make sure that the support they receive is designed and coordinated around (the person’s) desire outcomes- outcomes which are not service led but are a whole person approach – Personalised care and support planner.

Local professionals have received comprehensive training in personalised care and support planning, and a new pathway has been designed to promote the earlier identification of people suitable for personal health budgets in end of life care. A range of public and professional facing guidance has been created to build momentum for the second year of the project.

It has clearly been a positive experience for those who have gone through this personalised process- for that reason a success – Fast Track Continuing Healthcare Team.

This project has been shortlisted for two awards, The 2017 Third Sector Awards and the 2017 Guardian Public Service Awards, recognising the innovative nature of this project and the progress being made locally in this area.