Southern Derbyshire

Building on their work to offer personal health budgets to people with multiple long term conditions, Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) (SDCCG) have introduced personal health budgets for end of life care as a way of focussing on advance care planning, encouraging more personalised care and improving crisis management.

The work is part of a wider local transformation programme, delivered in partnership with the local hospice, Treetops Hospice Care, and focusing on developing more community-based services that deliver hospice care in people’s homes.

You can hear more about Southern Derbyshire’s progress to date in this short film:

Personal health budgets have enabled us to think differently about how we can support people with their care needs and to give them an opportunity to think about what they might actually need in the way of support, and how that might be different to what we’ve always traditionally done – Philippa Shreeve, Director of Clinical Services, Treetops Hospice Care.

Making it a success

Professionals across Southern Derbyshire have received training in person centred care approaches and are being supported to better identify people’s strengths and use an asset-based approach to care and support planning.

In order to provide personal health budgets for end of life care, the local personal health budget procedure has been updated and the approvals process improved to avoid delays. This has included a 50% reduction in response time for funding through the use of a virtual request system.

GP registers are being used to help identify people who could benefit from a personal health budget, and professionals are being supported to start advance care planning at the outset of care, rather than in response to crisis points or changes to people’s conditions.

Case study

A patient with secondary lung cancer suffered from extreme anxiety. She was supported to use her personal health budget to access physiotherapy at home.   This had a positive effect on her mental wellbeing, has helped with crisis management and has enabled her to better manage her condition on a day to day basis, including enabling her to go out into her garden for the first time in a long time.

Next steps

Southern Derbyshire are working hard to ensure that more people benefit from personal health budgets locally, and are now extending their project to additional areas including focussing on engagement with ‘hard to reach’ groups.

For more information about personal health budgets in Southern Derbyshire, please visit the CCG’s website.