Ambitions for palliative and end of life care framework

NHS England is working with partners, in particular the National Palliative and End of Life Care Partnership – a group of national organisations with experience of, and responsibility for end of life care.

The overarching vision for the partnership is centred on a statement developed in partnership with National Voices and the National Council for Palliative Care:

I can make the last stage of my life as good as possible because everyone works together confidently, honestly and consistently to help me and the people who are important to me, including my carer(s).

In 2015, the partnership published the ‘Ambitions for palliative and end of life care: a national framework for local action 2015-20’ which centres on six ambitions. Each ambition includes a statement from the point of view of a person nearing the end of life. They are each underpinned by a series of building blocks, which need to be delivered to achieve the related ambition.