Supporting health and care staff to deliver personalised care

Health and care practitioners are vital for enabling people to experience personalised care. As personalised care becomes a greater priority for the NHS, it is important that we further develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in this area.

We are working across three key areas of activity that are aimed specifically at health and care practitioners:

  1. Supporting our demonstrator sites with strategic approaches to workforce development for personalised care;
  2. Engaging with the practitioners via their national professional bodies (and beyond) to embed personalised care in pre and post registration professional development as well as other training and other engagement activities;
  3. Producing specific personalised care training programmes to develop knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Key to this is the Person-Centred Approaches Core Skills Education and Training Framework, which we have produced with Health Education England.

This framework was developed alongside health and social care experts and with people who are experts by experience, drawing on existing person-centred approaches and applying them to today’s health and care landscape. It describes the skills knowledge and behaviours required to work in a person centred way.

The challenge now is to explore how we support health and care staff to do this and provide the right environment for them to translate this into practice.

In addition, we are also working with CCGs to help ensure that current contracting and commissioning practices enable people to be able to access personalised approaches. Our Personalised Finance, Commissioning and Contracting team are working on a national, regional and local level to ensure that the necessary contracting and commissioning changes can happen.

This includes changes to:

  • NHS standard contract,
  • commissioning specifications and
  • contracting in new and emerging Integrated care provider systems.

The ‘new’ requirements will mean that finance officers and commissioners must give regard to the development of knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively commission, contract and fund personalisation. This will also include workforce reform.

To achieve this we are helping CCGs by providing ongoing support, producing the Finance, Commissioning and Contracting Handbook to help sites understand the requirements (to be published late 2018) and have setup the Regional Directors of Finance Network (launched in late October). For more details, please contact

Guide to personalised care

The grab guide is a resource for busy front line professionals.  It gives a snapshot of why a ‘what matters to you’ approach should guide conversations, and suggests some straightforward conversation starters.