49. Agreed principles for NHS England and HEE professional standards teams from 1 April 2023 (doctors)

Dear colleagues

Please find attached a short document describing the arrangements currently agreed for allocating the prescribed connection for doctors transferring into NHS England from Health Education England on 1 April 2023. We hope this helps provide a useful reference on the statutory professional standards aspect of the integration whilst the other working arrangements and transformation processes are worked through. The essence of the arrangements is:

  • doctors in postgraduate specialty training including General Practice specialty trainees will continue to link to their current postgraduate dean (PGD).
  • postgraduate deans will link to the relevant NHS England regional responsible officer.
  • other doctors who transfer from HEE into NHS England will link either to the NHS England national responsible officer (if they hold a national role) or to the relevant NHS England regional responsible officer (if they hold a regional role).

After 1 April 2023, the HEE medical director for reform and professional development (currently the HEE responsible officer) will, in an equivalent role in NHS England, continue to provide a professional leadership and advisory role to the PGDs, plus advice to the regional responsible officer if any issues of concern arise about a PGD.

On the matters of transfer of staff and subsequent transformation in the newly integrated workforce, training and education directorate, two separate consultations are now open:

  • one on the transfer of HEE staff into NHS England
  • the second on the subsequent transformation of the NHS England People Directorate into the Workforce, Training and Education Directorate.

We hope this information provides useful clarity at this time of change.

With best wishes.
Yours sincerely,

Professor Sheona MacLeod
Medical Director, Reform and Professional Development Clinical Lead
HEE Responsible Officer

Dr Maurice Conlon MBE FRCGP
Health Education England Professional Standards Team | Medical Directorate
Westbridge Place, Westbridge Close, Leicester LE3 5DR NHS England | Quarry House | Quarry Hill | Leeds | LS2 7UE