ROAN Information Sheet 46. Known providers of medical appraisal platforms in England

In accordance with the NHS England Medical Appraisal Policy, NHS England will accept appraisals completed in any format which is demonstrably in keeping with the Medical Appraisal Guide.

NHS England seeks to maintain dialogue with providers of medical appraisal software in England, through the Medical Appraisal Providers Forum. Members of the forum are invited to periodic meetings to discuss matters of mutual interest and hear commentary from NHS England about topics relevant to their product and their development. Membership is open to any provider of medical appraisal software, whether their product is commercially available or developed internally by a healthcare organisation for their doctors. An organisation who wishes to join the forum or be added to the list on this page should contact

The following information is intended to assist a doctor who is looking for an online provider to suit their professional needs by providing a list of currently known appraisal toolkit providers along with their contact details and their strapline about their product. It may also help organisations considering whether to commission a provider for their doctors.

Company names

Agilio Software | Primary Care (formerly Clarity Informatics)

Provider’s comment:
“The original, market-leading medical appraisal toolkit. Trusted by doctors for over 20 years to simplify appraisal and revalidation, keep data safe, and provide unrivalled support whenever it is needed. Brought to you by the NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries, TeamNet, and iLearn team.”

Edgecumbe Doctor 360

Buy Doctor 360° | Edgecumbe’s Expert 360° Assessment

Provider’s comment:
“The original and fully validated MSF tool for doctors, used by over 50,000 practitioners. A cost effective, high quality solution and outstanding customer service reviews, with 98% verifying a well presented report with easy to interpret results.”

NHS England does not endorse any provider of an appraisal platform, nor does it accept liability for the functioning or security of any appraisal vehicle provided by any external organisation. A doctor commissioning the services of an appraisal provider is therefore advised to consider these aspects with care before making a choice.


Provider’s comment:
“Developed by doctors for doctors and partnered with the RCGP, this is an easy to use, affordable appraisal toolkit with a companion app and Patient and 360 Colleague feedback surveys. Much loved by appraisers and doctors alike. Try it for free using our Switch function”

GP Tools

Provider’s comment:
“Trial subscription with free PSQ and MSF. Mobile apps available.”


Provider’s comment:
“L2P has been providing appraisal systems to the NHS for over a decade and serves 163 designated bodies (and counting).  We facilitate individual appraisals and we are also the largest provider of appraisal software to Professional Appraisal organisations so we have a network of hundreds of appraisers across the country we can connect you to. Our software is fully MAG (and Appraisal-2022 compliant) and you can learn how to use L2P in just 5-minutes 48-seconds. We also have a Responsible Officer-specific version which is free to use.”


Provider’s comment:
“The Best MAG format Appraisal System + Mobile Apps, Free in Perpetuity (Conditions apply see website).”

Premier IT

Provider’s comment:
“Centric is the brand new, simple way to revalidate. Free for ROs, it is always up to date and available on app.”

RLDatix | Allocate Workforce Solutions

Provider’s comment:
“RLDatix is the worlds largest healthcare workforce management software provider with decades of experience working alongside the NHS. Our appraisal system supports both doctors and appraisers in delivering compliant, efficient, and effective appraisals as required for the revalidation process, complete with an integrated 360 degree multisource feedback module as standard. Experience a seamless login process through single sign-on via the Allocate Suite into a simple, intuitive, and user-centric Appraisal platform.”


Provider’s comment:
“For over a decade SARD has been providing workforce management systems to the NHS and its doctors. Our Medical Revalidation & Appraisal system is intuitive, configurable and designed to support you through the appraisal process.”