Programme budgeting

NHS England is committed to giving commissioners practical support in gathering data, evidence and tools to help them transform the way care is delivered for their patients and populations.

The principles of programme budgeting directly support this commitment, promoting clinically led commissioning and patient involvement by providing financial information across disease areas, also known as ‘programme categories’. The programme budgeting collection provides a framework for estimating NHS expenditure across these programmes categories covering the whole care pathway.

Definitions of programme categories and care settings.

The main purpose of the data is to provide benchmarking information enabling NHS organisations to make evidence based investment and prioritisation decisions. Commissioners, and those who support them (CSUs) may wish to incorporate this into their strategic planning work.

The programme budgeting framework has formed the basis for the Commissioning for value packs.

The 2013/14 CCG programme budgeting benchmarking tool, showing how much CCGs spent on different healthcare conditions, is available.

Check the programme budgeting data for previous years.