General Practice Development Programme – Productive General Practice Quick Start – Releasing time in general practice – Bury CCG

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As part of the General Practice Development Programme, Bury CCG took up the support offer for Productive General Practice (PGP) Quick Start.



PGP Quick Start is an on-site, hands-on, short term support package for practices that forms part of a local Time for Care programme. It aims to help practices release time for care through High Impact Action 5: Productive Work Flows, and High Impact Action 10: Develop Quality Improvement Expertise.

In just eight weeks practice improvements included:

  • two hours per day of GP time saved
  • 650 hours per annum of admin time saved
  • progression from a ‘requires improvement’ CQC rating to ‘Good’ due in part to PGP Quick Start.

This film shares Bury’s story and the positive impact PGP Quick Start has made for practice teams.

Region: North.