Johnny Marshall

Dr Johnny MarshallJohnny has been a GP in Buckinghamshire since 1992. Having previously served as Treasurer to National Association of Primary Care, Johnny served as Chairman from September 2008 to December 2011. He remains a member of the NAPC Executive.

His practice is part of a federated model of working as the Westongrove Partnership.

Johnny has undertaken various roles within NHS Buckinghamshire and was the founding chair of United Commissioning, the forerunner to Aylesbury Vale Clinical Commissioning Group.

At present Johnny is acting as Interim Partnership Development Director for NHS Clinical Commissioners, a membership organisation for Clinical Commissioning Groups, recently established by NAPC and NHS Alliance in partnership with the NHS Confederation. He is also an advisory member of the NHS Commissioning Board Authority Future Design Group.

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Know your “rights”! – Johnny Marshall

As I walked up my drive it was clear that the recycling and food waste bins I had left out the night before remained full, whilst all those around had been returned to their natural resting place. How could this be? I had kept my side of the bargain, in paying my council tax and […]

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Mind the gap – Johnny Marshall

I boarded the train this morning with an ‘Advanced’ train ticket, offering me greater value for planning ahead. My intended outcome was to arrive at King’s Cross and catch the 07:05 to Leeds, or else I would have to pay a higher price. With such a focus on quality at the last FDG, the irony […]

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OD or not OD? Is this a strategy I see before me? – Johnny Marshall

Having not been at FDG for a few weeks, I returned to Quarry House feeling slightly apprehensive as to what the mice might have been up to whilst I was away. Clearly my Stockholm Syndrome was so well under control that I was developing megalomaniac tendencies, or perhaps just a little more personal insight! The […]

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Citius, Altius, Fortius – Johnny Marshall

If you have not been bitten by the Olympics bug, and therefore are not waiting in nervous anticipation for the Paralympics to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms, then you might like to look away now…. Throughout London 2012 there have been high quality performances, both on and off the various fields of play, that have taken […]

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Jaws in Space 2 – Johnny Marshall

If the first half of last month’s FDG meeting caused an acute exacerbation of my Stockholm Syndrome then the second half offered hope of some relief. Having a vision for the NHS seems to have become somewhat unfashionable, Spice World (1997) set to the Sound of Music (1965). Yet if we are unable to imagine, […]

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Jaws in Space – Johnny Marshall

The skies outside Quarry House were so exceptionally dull and grey, Angela’s Ashes (1999) without the happy ending!, that even the thought of discussing the proposed final governance around CCG authorisation lifted my spirits! Only recently, I had chaired a session on Beyond Authorisation at the NHS Confederation conference at which the upbeat focus was […]

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The Matrix – Johnny Marshall

A couple of months ago Sky News came to my surgery to interview me about CCGs. Whilst there, they took the opportunity to interview some patients about their views on the health reforms. One of my patients explained that they were very concerned about the ability of GPs to plan health services by holding the […]

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Who’s inside the tent? – Johnny Marshall

The circus was in town for the Future Design Group today! No … we are not there every week … there was a Big Top up just across the road from Quarry House. Actually, I am not sure whether it was housing a circus or not. For all I know it could have been the […]

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Next stop Stockholm … – Johnny Marshall

With all of the hype surrounding the recent Jubilee celebrations it would be almost possible to forget that we are on the edge of an economic precipice in Europe at present. The joy of smiley painted faces, vigorously waving flags and the Great British stiff upper lip in all weathers seemed to replace fears of […]

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Great Expectations – Johnny Marshall

As I boarded the first train of the day the rain was clearing, the dawn chorus was warming up and Leeds seemed a long way away. It may well be that all roads eventually lead to Leeds, but they seem to take a lot longer than the ones that lead to London. Still …. needs […]

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