Human factors resources

‘Here be Dragons’
‘Enhancing clinical performance through an understanding of the effects of teamwork, tasks, equipment, workspace, culture, organisation on human behaviour and abilities, and application of that knowledge in clinical settings.” (Dr Ken Catchpole).

Here are some resources which look at some of the human factors affecting health care and especially some which are related to deteriorating children.

Re-ACT talks

Child Deterioration: Human Factors – By Peter-Marc Fortune, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist and Associate Clinical Head, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Designs, Scores and Systems: Making it Easier to do the Right Thing – By Nikki Davey, Quality Improvement Clinic Ltd.

Implementing human factors in healthcare: Martin Bromiley, an airline pilot & human factors trainer, describes the circumstances that lead to the tragic death of his wife Elaine during an apparently routine ENT operation.

Elaine Bromiley, an otherwise well 37 year old woman, presented for routine sinus surgery in 2005 and died due to complications of an unanticipated difficult airway. The case highlights how, despite the presence of skilled and diligent clinicians, human factors can adversely impact on patient care. The following free resources have been made available in order to increase awareness of the issues involved in cases such as these and potential strategies to address them.

Human Reliability in Primary Care

This video is about the implementation of human reliability in the primary care setting.