High cost devices

Some high cost devices should be paid for through a separate price negotiation and paid in addition to the national price for the related service. They are typically specialist, and their use is concentrated in a relatively small number of centres rather than evenly across all trusts that carry out activity in the relevant HRGs. These devices would therefore not be fairly reimbursed if they were funded through the tariff. For all listed activity, commissioners and providers should agree local prices.

As medical practice changes and new devices are developed and adopted, this list needs to be kept as current as practically possible, requiring input from the health sector, for changes to the list, both additions and deletions.

Below is a link for organisations to nominate high cost devices for consideration in this portal.

Add your nomination with our high cost devices portal.

Although the portal is open to submissions all year round, the deadline for nominations through this portal for consideration in the proceeding year’s National Tariff is the 31st January, to allow time for consideration and the relevant impacts to be processed. Ie for 2016/17 Tariff the deadline would be 31 January 2015

The high cost device steering group uses the following guidelines when considering a device for inclusion on the high cost device exclusion list:

  • high cost and represent a disproportionate cost relative to the relevant HRG;
  • used in a subset of cases within an HRG and/or used in a subset of providers delivering services under a specific HRG;
  • relatively high cost in terms of volume and cost.

All three of the listed criteria need to be met in order for a device to be considered an exclusion from National Tariff.

For the purposes of National Tariff, a device is:

  • used as part of patient care and generally cannot be transferred or re-used*;
  • not considered capital equipment.

*There are a few exceptions to devices not being transferable, for example insulin pumps can be reconditioned and reused for a different patient.

The new high cost devices request portal should not be used for high cost drugs or chemotherapy. These have separate portals available from: