How NHS England and Monitor are working to make the payment system do more for patients from 2015/16

Having published the national tariff for 2014/15, NHS England and Monitor have turned to potential improvements to the payment system in 2015/16 and beyond.

In particular, we’re considering what changes to the national tariff will support new patterns of care and, at the same time, help the NHS to meet the expected financial challenge of 2015/16.

The main context for our work over the next year is the need for new and sustainable patterns of care that can do more for patients. We’re working towards a longer-term redesign of the payment system that will help meet that need and locally-led innovations encouraged by the 2014/15 national tariff are a first step in that direction.

We invite commissioners, providers and all other interested parties in the sector to take part in shaping the development of payment policy proposals over the coming months.

For further information on our plans, see the Monitor website.

The NHS England pricing team can be contacted at