2015/16 National Tariff Engagement document

NHS England and Monitor have published proposals for the 2015/16 national tariff payment system. Commissioners, providers and all those with an interest in the NHS payment system are asked to review the proposals and provide feedback, to help inform the development of final proposals to be consulted on in the autumn.

NHS England and Monitor are interested in hearing views on:

  • the approach to setting prices for 2015/16
  • the impact of the proposed changes to the National Tariff
  • the proposals for local payment arrangements
  • the approach to enforcing the National Tariff

Please note that the draft national prices are not final. They’re intended to illustrate the change in prices relative to one another, rather than their final levels. We anticipate that following further analysis and taking into account feedback, the list of prices published with the Statutory Consultation in the autumn will be different.

Feedback is invited by 12 noon on Friday 15 August 2014.

The Tariff Engagement Document is available on the .gov.uk website.