Clinical commissioning group governing body committees: Terms of reference

Published April 2012 (and supersedes March 2012 working draft versions)

As set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, each CCG must have a governing body. This body must have an audit committee and a remuneration committee.

Although not stipulated in legislation, CCGs may wish to consider establishing a quality committee to provide assurance on the quality of services commissioned and promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation with respect to safety of services, clinical effectiveness and patient experience.

These templates for governing bodies have been co-produced with the NHS to assist CCGs in their thinking about the establishment and set up of their governing body committees.

Clinical commissioning groups are not obliged to use these templates; they are provided for information and assistance. Should CCGs choose to use them, they are encouraged to make any necessary additions or amendments to reflect their own circumstances – This can be done by replacing the guidance in the blue boxes to customise terms of reference.