CCG learning and support tool

The CCG learning and support tool sets out the development resources to meet current learning needs during 2012-13. It will support you as you prepare for authorisation and beyond.

The tool is a series of web pages signposting the key learning and development opportunities available to proposed CCGs, organised by the domains of authorisation. The tool signposts products which could be of most use right now.

All the products are:

  • designed with and for CCGs or evaluated as useful by them
  • relevant and timely
  • available to every CCG
  • clear and concise.

Tool development
The CCG learning and support tool has been informed by months of work with proposed CCGs and national primary care organisations. It aims to draw together the focused learning outcomes for 2012/13 and the key products identified to support these.

The RCGP’s clinical commissioning competency framework for GPs laid early foundations to describe ‘what good looks like’ for commissioning at the level of individuals and practices.

Along with the Preparing for Authorisation workshops, commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board Authority, which were attended by almost every CCG in England, this framework has also informed and complements the design and content of this learning and support tool.

What does the tool include?
The tool helps you find support available from the NHS Commissioning Board Authority and other key national bodies, including the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the NHS Leadership Academy and the NHS Alliance / NAPC.

It sets out the suggested learning outcomes associated with each of the six domains of authorisation and provides information about resources available to assist your development in that area.

The tool, which may be updated later in the year, aims to support the early progress of CCGs in terms of the added value of clinical leadership, preparing for authorisation and their future role as leaders in the health system.

There is also a library of further information to provide background reading if you wish.


How do I use the tool?
Just click on one of the six domains of authorisation and choose the associated learning outcome that you are interested in.

Under each learning outcome, you will find links to a selection of development resources, categorised as one or more of:

something to read (eg a checklist, guidance)


something to attend (eg a workshop, a webinar)


a place or person to learn from (eg a case study, an example of good practice)


someone to talk to (eg helpline, mentoring)


a bespoke development package


Any questions?
If you have any questions about further development support available in your own region, please contact:

If you have any questions or comments about the tool itself, please email

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