Our Declaration: Person-centred care for long-term conditions

Our Declaration sets out the importance of person-centred care for people with long-term conditions, what needs to change and why we need to change. It was developed by NHS England’s Long Term Conditions Team with input from health and care professionals, policy makers and people with long-term conditions.

Find out more below. Then tell us what you think –  via My Declaration – and what action you will be taking to help make these plans a reality.

For more information about Our Declaration including the story of how it was developed, the case for change and what steps NHS England have undertaken so far to meet the challenge it sets out please contact us.

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My Declarations

Some declarations received so far are detailed below, these will be regularly refreshed so look out for your personal or organisational declaration featuring here soon.

“My Declaration is an important step toward acknowledging the impact of living with long term conditions has on all aspects of a person’s life. By putting patients at the centre of their care, we can avoid them becoming lost within the healthcare system”.

Anne Thurston, National Osteoporosis Society

“At the moment non-patient-centred care causes loss of trust lack of communication. If used correctly and implemented at all key levels Our Declaration will save lives and help deterioration of conditions to be slowed or halted”.

Reverand Jacky Barfoot, Patient and Disability Campaigner.

“Anything that raises the profile of person-centred care and helps us to move away from outdated paternalistic models of patient care is worthwhile”.

Marissa Dainton, Dialysis Unit Manager, East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust.

“LUPUS UK welcomes this declaration, knowing that patients will  benefit greatly from the supportive care of health professionals following this initiative”.

Jane Dunnage, Chair of Trustees, LUPUS UK.

Musculoskeletal conditions affect around 10 million people in the UK. To address conditions of this scale, effective care and support must focus on what matters most to every individual. Arthritis Research UK aims to improve the quality of life of people with arthritis so that they can say ‘I am in control, independent and recognised’ and we’re pleased to support ‘Our Declaration: person-centred care for long-term conditions.’

Dr Liam O’Toole, Chief Executive Officer, Arthritis Research UK.

“The Declaration provides a consistent message that we can all agree on, so that people with LTC and disabilities feel supported and heard, so they feel enabled to live and stay well. My declaration is it endeavour to support people to achieve their personal outcomes, through a coordinated and enabling approach at every contact”

Katie Coleman, GP and Vice Chair Clinical of Islington CCG.

“Marie Curie confirms we are delighted to sign this declaration. Some of our thoughts include how end of life care links with LTCs and also the value of a more public health approach.”

Jane Collins, Chief Executive, Marie Curie.

“Happy to support the declaration, and would be happy to explore ways in which we can support the roll out of the declaration more widely.  For instance, we’d be happy to run a news story on e-hospice at an appropriate point, and to promote it through our clinical networks within the hospice and palliative care community.”

Jonathan Ellis,  Director of Policy and Advocacy, Hospice UK.

“To commit the British Fire & Rescue Service to use its 670k ‘Home Safe and Well Checks’ to improve patient-centred care. To work around systems to collaborate.”

Peter O’Reilly, Manchester Fire Service.

“To remain steadfast in promoting person-centred care and to provide clinical leadership for person-centred care at NHS England.”

Martin McShane, NHS England.

“National Voices will campaign for high quality personalised care and support planning.”

Don Redding, National Voices.

“Encourage my son to talk about his care and what matters to him.”

Mandy Rudczenko, Coalition 4 Collaborative Care Co-Production Group.

“Thank you for the opportunity to review the Declaration.  I can confirm that the Royal College of Anaesthetists commends and endorses ‘Our Declaration: Person Centred Care for Long Term Conditions.”

Royal College of Anaesthetists

See the full list of individuals and organisations who have already signed up to Our Declaration.