New Data available in NHS RightCare Where to Look packs

These packs are an updated version of the Commissioning for Value Where to Look packs, as published in October 2016. The packs have been updated so that local health economies are basing decisions on more timely data.  The main updates to this version include:

  • Expenditure data is from 2015/16. Outcome data is the latest available at the time of publication
  • An additional three pathways on a page for gastro-intestinal
  • Complex patients analysis has been updated using 2015/16 data

Whilst these updates may mean that some headline opportunities have altered from the October pack, local health economies should investigate each pathway in detail to determine which areas offer the greatest opportunity to improve.

The updated packs also contain a new slide highlighting the potential overuse in bed days. Health economies are able to use this information to focus on the opportunity to free up bed capacity, and ask the questions ‘Is this current bed use adding value?’ and ‘Where might we better use this capacity and resource?’.