2nd Atlas of Variation in risk factors and healthcare for liver disease published

Public Health England, in collaboration with NHS RightCare, has today published the 2nd Atlas of Variation in risk factors and healthcare for liver disease.

The rate of people dying early from liver disease in some parts of England is almost 8 times higher than others, according to new data published by Public Health England (PHE) today.

Liver disease is almost entirely preventable with the major risk factors: alcohol, obesity and Hepatitis B and C accounting for up to 90% of cases. The atlas will help health professionals to allocate their resources to improve patient outcomes.

Intended for clinicians, commissioners, practitioners and policy makers, this latest atlas of variation is intended to raise the profile of liver disease and the stark variations across England in risk factors, healthcare services and outcomes. The Atlas is intended to enhance efforts to improve outcomes from liver disease through enhanced prevention, early recognition of those at risk, improved access to interventions, through to better end of life care for liver disease patients.

An interactive atlas for liver diseaseĀ is also available via NHS RightCare.

The information in this atlas should be shared by delivery partners with their CCGs with gastro priority pathways.