Janet’s story explores how a frailty care pathway could be so much better

The RightCare frailty scenario, Janet’s story, has been updated.

Janet’s story uses a fictional person to examine a frailty care pathway, comparing a sub-optimal experience against an ideal, optimal pathway. The scenario considers the impact on the person, their family’s experience and the costs associated with care.

This RightCare scenario supports the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan’s ambition of “supporting people to age well”. It shows how RightCare can support systems to improve the value and outcomes of the frailty care pathway.

Janet’s story has been updated to align with new guidance and reference costs. It can help local health systems understand the implications – both in terms of quality of life and costs – of shifting the care pathway for older people living with frailty from a reactive approach to a proactive approach, e.g., providing an integrated primary care and community-based response, with support from the voluntary sector.

It follows the publication of the RightCare Frailty Toolkit that supports systems in understanding the priorities in frailty care.

Health systems should use these resources as a framework for their local improvement discussions.