New RightCare headache and migraine toolkit for local health systems

Approximately 10 million people live with migraine in the UK, 3 million workdays are lost every year due to migraine-related absenteeism costing almost £4.4 billion and headache is amongst the most common neurological reasons for A&E attendance.

The RightCare headache and migraine toolkit will support local health systems to understand the priorities in headache and migraine care and key actions to take.

Developed in partnership with The Neurological Alliance, the toolkit provides the opportunity to assess and benchmark current systems to find opportunities for improvement.

If implemented successfully, accurate classification and treatment will reduce unnecessary visits to both primary and secondary care for patients.

When headaches and migraines are better controlled, there is an improvement in quality of life issues such as improved sleep, less restriction on daily activities, attendance at work, and the overall impact on family life.

This toolkit will provide expert practical advice and guidance on how to address these headache and migraine challenges.