CCG data packs

All the CCG packs described below can be accessed via the following pages. Click on the link for your region.

Refreshed ‘where to look’ packs – January 2017

The Where to Look packs have been updated so that local health economies are basing decisions on more timely data.  The main update has been the inclusion of 15/16 QOF data.  Also, since publication of the October packs a number of data quality issues have been highlighted in the spend data of four CCGs. To ensure robustness of the comparisons made, the four affected CCGs have been replaced within their similar 10 peer groups by their next closest CCG. Some CCGs will therefore see a change to their headline opportunities slide.

The updated packs also contain a new slide highlighting the potential overuse in bed days. Health economies are able to use this information to focus on the opportunity to free up bed capacity, and ask the questions ‘Is this current bed use adding value?’ and ‘Where might we better use this capacity and resource?’.

The four CCGs not having packs due to incomplete spend data for 2015/16 are:

  • NHS Newbury and District CCG
  • NHS North & West Reading CCG
  • NHS South Reading CCG
  • NHS Wokingham CCG

Mental Health Conditions Pack:  January 2017

These packs contain data across a range of mental health and dementia services.  The packs are split into stages along a mental health pathway, for example Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) and enable local health economies to compare their performance with their ten most similar CCGs.

Each stage also includes a combination of case studies, tools and guidance from around the country, helping to disseminate best practice to support CCGs wishing to introduce new and improved ways of working.

Long Term Conditions Pack:  December 2016

These packs contains data on a number of disease areas and elements of care.  The pack is split by stages along a long term conditions pathway and enables a local health economy to look at an element, for example disease detection or prescribing, across multiple disease areas.

The pack contains a number of new indicators not included in previous packs.  It also includes case studies, tools and guidance to support CCGs to make improvements to long term conditions care in their local health economy.

Focus packs: April/May 2016

These focus packs provide more detailed information on those highest spending programmes previously covered by the earlier Commissioning for Value packs. The areas covered are: cancer; the CVD family of conditions including renal, stroke and diabetes; maternity and early years; mental health and dementia; musculoskeletal and trauma; neurology; and respiratory.

The packs include a wider range of outcome measures and information on the most common procedures and diagnoses for the condition in question. They help CCGs begin work on phase two of the NHS RightCare approach ‘What to Change’ by using indicative data to identify improvement opportunities.

Refreshed ‘Where to Look’ packs: January 2016

These packs refresh a number of earlier Commissioning for Value packs. They update the information in the original data packs from October 2013 and the Pathway on a Page packs from November 2014.

Local health economies are encouraged to use the information in these packs as part of the annual planning cycle. It will support discussions about prioritising areas for change and utilising resources.

You can also access all the Commissioning for Value tools and additional support information.

Some of the earlier Commissioning for Value packs (listed below) have been archived.

  • Integrated Care Pathways pack: February 2015
  • Pathways on a Page: November 2014
  • Commissioning for Value insight packs: October 2013

If you would like to access any of these packs for your CCG please email