One of the ways we are sharing best practice is through local examples of commissioning innovations which show the philosophy behind NHS RightCare or showcases the tools available through the programme.

You can take a look at these examples in our casebooks:

Cumbria’s new persistent physical symptom management service – improving value for patients, the population and the NHS. January 2017

Ashford CCG Commissioning for Value: The Development of MSK Triage Services – Looking at how Ashford CCG employed NHS RightCare methodology to develop a strategy to respond to increasing referrals to orthopaedics. March ‘16

Slough CCG – Improving services to care homes to reduce non-elective admissions – How Slough CCG used NHS RightCare methodologies to look at issues with non-elective admissions from care homes. March ‘16

Slough CCG – Video: RightCare in action in Slough – Dr Jim O’Donnell, Clinical Chair for Slough Clinical Commissioning Group, describes how the CCG has used the Right Care approach to improve their diabetes care, management of patients with complex co-morbidities, and together with the Better Care Fund, reduce unplanned admissions from care homes by 50%. Jan ’16

Slough CCG – Using assistive technology to help to increase efficiency, and promote self-management and prevention amongst high risk groups – How Slough CCG used NHS RightCare methodologies to address issues in increased levels of anxiety amongst patients living at home with multiple long term conditions. Mar ‘16

Slough CCG – Developing a Complex Care Case Management Service within Primary Care – Looking at how Slough CCG have used the NHS RightCare approach to address issues in complex case management. Feb ‘16

Commissioning for Value in Calderdale – A follow-up report to the original case study describing a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service that was commissioned as a result of following the “RightCare approach”. November ‘14

Hardwick CCG – From Commissioning for Value Insights to delivery in seven months – Looking at how Hardwick CCG used the NHS RightCare approach to address issues with respiratory care. Oct ‘14

Slough CCG – Improving the value of diabetes care in Slough | Slough CCG – Diabetes one year on – How Slough CCG adopted NHS RightCare methodologies to address issues around diabetes. Oct ‘14

Vale of York CCG – A vision to deliver the best health and wellbeing for our population – Exploring how Vale of York CCG used NHS RightCare methodologies to look at issues in health outcomes for its population. Oct ‘14

Diabetes care pathway – The story of Paul’s experience of a diabetes care pathway, and how it could be so much better Aug ‘14

Doncaster CCG – Successes and challenges in creating energy for change – Doncaster CCG, supported by Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory (PHO) and NHS RightCare, has refined its planning processes by applying insight from the Commissioning for Value Pack. Nov ‘13

West Cheshire CCG – Identifying “Value Opportunities” in West Cheshire – West Cheshire Primary Care Trust and CCG have used NHS RightCare principles to identify “where to look” for service improvements that can generate savings for re-investment and improvements. Nov ‘13

South Sefton, Southport and Formby CCG – Developing a more systematic approach to commissioning – A look at the results of embedding NHS RightCare commissioning methodologies within the new CCGs for South Sefton and Southport and Formby. Oct ‘13

Warrington CCG – Delivering improved healthcare in Warrington: the NHS Right Care approach – How Warrington Health Economy used NHS RightCare principles when they faced a funding shortfall, along with increases in demand and inflationary pressures. Sept ‘13

Wigan CCG – ‘Adopt, Improve or Defend’ – An AID for QIPP – Commissioners in Wigan embedded a systematic approach to achieve challenging QIPP targets by identifying and addressing variations in local healthcare. This document describes the outcomes from this work. Sept ‘13

Bradford City CCG – Improving the detection and prevention of Type 2 diabetes – Bradford Beating Diabetes (BBD) – Bradford City CCG have used the NHS RightCare approach to inform the commissioning and delivery of programmes, using their evidence-based methods with a clear emphasis on outcomes. Aug ‘13

Bexley CCG – Integrated GP led diabetes care in Bexley – How Bexley CCG used NHS RightCare to look at issues in diabetes care. Nov ‘12

Somerset – Somerset Community-Based Self-Care Support Service for Adults with Persistent Pain – Somerset Pain Management Service was created using NHS RightCare methodologies. This document describes this work. Nov ‘12